Saturday, 27 February 2010


As its (ludicrous) name would suggest, Sissy Boy Slap Party (1995) features a group of effeminate men on a tropical island, slapping each other silly to the sound of machine guns. Director Guy Maddin is well-known for his faux-silent movie style, which is used to unusual effect here. No need to keep a keen eye out for subtle tropes or symbolic signifiers - this film is more the territory of John Waters (himself a fan).

I initially took a dislike to this film, believing I'd seen it elsewhere in various incarnations. But on closer inspection, Harpya (1979) is a lot more rewarding than I first gave it credit for. The design of the creature is marvellous, as is the lighting. This won a Golden Palm back in the day, and it's easy to see why.

This is essentially just a demo reel, but nonetheless incredible. John Whitney was one of the early computer animators who worked with Alfred Hitchcock and Saul Bass on the Vertigo title sequence. In terms of form and content, they aren't hugely interesting, but you have to remember the time they were made, and the fact that the process was completely analogue.

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