Monday, 1 March 2010


Originally created for a collaborative short film project called Visions of Europe, Béla Tarr's Prologue (2004) is a quietly moving piece of cinema which makes a bold, if rather blunt statement about the state of Europe today. Prologue also neatly sums up Tarr's oeuvre, constituting one slow pan across a queue of wizened men and women. Mihály Víg's music is absolutely perfect for the film.

This one has more than done the rounds of the internet already, but it bears another mention. YouTube user dokugyunyu makes stop-start motion animations on various themes, but his video of a wolf chasing a pig is by far the most impressive. The chase carries out through a series of photos around a house, taking into account dimension and scale. A lot of effort has clearly been put into it, and once the film starts, you just never want it to stop. Brilliant ending.

Following on from the John Whitney computer animations in the last post, I've decided it's about time people heard about Carla's Island (1981). Essentially, it's just a shot of an island over the course of a day, but as basic as it is, the animation is charming in its own way. The rippling waves, the sinking sun... oh to live on an island! Scored by a wonderfully eighties theme tune.

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